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Important Tips For Class 11 Physics Exam

| Published on September 16, 2021


Class 11 is somewhat a new phase in every student’s life. Students have to choose a stream of their choice and study it for two years. For Science stream students, the main subjects are Physics, Chemistry, Math, and Biology. It is a myth that studying Science is tough. In fact, Science subjects could bring you a good score in your exams. For this, you need to follow a proper study pattern. In this article, I am going to discuss a few tips that will help you

Preparation Tips

Let us take a look at a few preparation tips that will help you get good marks in your class 11 Physics –

  • The first thing to keep in mind is that class 11 Physics is divided into ten units. The chapters include concepts of Units and Measurement, Kinematics, Laws of Motion, Work, Energy, Power, System of particles, Gravitation, Thermodynamics, Kinetic Theory of Gases, Waves, and Oscillations. Each of these ten parts carry a certain weightage in your examination. The marks distribution will be provided to you at the very beginning of your textbook. The marks distribution will give you an idea of the weightage of each chapter in your examination. In this way, you can make a proper lesson plan and prepare for your exam properly and in a better way. However, make sure to give equal importance to each chapter.
  • Check how many chapters there are under each category. After knowing this, the prudent thing to do would be to make a lesson plan. Once you make a lesson plan, you will be able to cover the whole syllabus evenly. This will prevent you from getting overwhelmed by the syllabus. Also, you will be able to read and understand each chapter thoroughly. This is also a good way to manage your time. 
  • The next thing that we are going to discuss is numerical problems. Numerical problems are a chief and mandatory part of Physics. To solve numerical problems properly, you need to be thorough with your Physics concepts. Once you are thorough with the Physics concepts, practise as many numerical problems as you can.
  • To study a chapter properly, you have to read your textbook very thoroughly. Once you are done reading your textbook thoroughly, you will get an idea of what the chapter is all about. While reading a particular chapter, you will come across certain parts that you might not understand. Do not get disheartened. Consult your teacher regarding this. Ask them about the doubt that you are facing. They will always explain your doubts to you. Never hesitate if you face any doubts. It is the responsibility of the teacher too to help you with your difficulties.
  • To check the solutions for the questions in your NCERT physics textbook, refer to the 11th physics guide. This way, you can check your answers and know whether it is correct or wrong.
  • You should practise solving mock question papers. Not just mock question papers, but also try solving the previous year question papers of Physics. This will not only help you revise every chapter that you have studied but also help you gain confidence in yourself.


Follow these tips to score well in your class 11th Physics exam. Physics is a very interesting subject and you will enjoy learning every topic in your Physics textbook. Be confident in yourself. With self-confidence and good preparation, you will ace your Physics exam. Good Luck!

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