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IKEA Continues Surprising Customers, Launches A Series Of Wonderful Ad Films

| Published on October 17, 2018

IKEA’s store launch in Hyderabad was one of the most talked about events this year and since then IKEA has been staying in news for some or the other reason. After a grand launch, brands generally are not able to keep up the hype, but that’s not the case with IKEA. The brand has just released a series of new films of TV in Hyderabad and they are also available on IKEA’s Facebook page.

The New Ad Films

The essence in each film is ‘not like any other’ resonating with the brand building that IKEA has done over the years that it is not like any other brand. It has carved its own niche and identity that cannot be compared. IKEA has not used any protagonists in any of their films; they have clearly made their products the HERO of their films. Each film is dedicated to one HERO product and there is a very raw and fresh appeal about the whole concept.

Speaking about the films, Ulf Smedberg, Country Marketing Manager, IKEA India said, “We at IKEA saw the need early on to find an emotional connection with consumers and their future relationship with our range. In order to de-dramatize and make parts of our range more attractive, inspiring yet even human, we created our new communication campaign, which we internally call “Talking products”. In this series of short films, we let some iconic products speak and express their personality, in a fun and engaging way. The reaction has so far been very positive, with people finding them to be surprising yet distinctively IKEA.”

The films, though part of a series, are complete by themselves because in each film, one product is highlighted like a character and the entire story is weaved around that one character only.

Megha Jain Sadhwani, Senior Vice President, Dentsu Impact adds, “The reason why IKEA is the world’s most loved Swedish home furnishing brand is its products, they are the heroes that make this brand what it is. The intent behind this series of films is to introduce these heroes to the Indian audience in a typical IKEA style – simple & playful, and what better way to do this than to let the products do the talking themselves, literally!”

Amish Sabharwal, Creative Head, Dentsu Impact Bangalore spoke about the creative concept behind these films and said, “IKEA is known for great creative formats across the globe. This is our India attempt to add to that stellar reservoir. The products of IKEA are so intuitive, practical and magical that they deserve to be stars of every commercial, who needs celebrities?! That’s what we did. Each object has their own character, their own quirk, their own voice and they are unlike any other object you get in the market. The idea is to get the audience to enjoy the storytelling and the magic of each product.”

Krittika Chakraborty, Planning Head, Dentsu Impact Bangalore explained the strategic intent behind the films.

“These films exemplify the IKEA brand tonality which is so well-recognized and loved the world over. And the slight edge and playfulness of their execution ensure their suitability to the digital medium, making them the kind of content people want to engage with.”

We loved the films, tell us what you think about them.

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