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Ikea Brings Hyderabad To A Stand Still With Its First Store Launch

| Published on August 10, 2018

Well after Apple, if any brand is seen such a big hue and cry on the first day of its opening, it has been Ikea. People queuing up to buy a new phone, whenever Apple launches is still understood, but a furniture brand creating the same buzz is totally unbelievable, but that’s exactly what happened yesterday.

Ikea opened its first store in India, in Hyderabad and there was almost a stampede. People gathered in huge numbers to check out what the furniture giant had to offer, and Ikea building in the hi-tech city which has a capacity of 650 car parking, was full throughout the day and evening saw the rushes increasing which lead to traffic jams in the area and traffic police literally had to control the madness on road.


Here are some tweets showing the craze for Ikea

India’s consumption story is very much intact.

Ikea..ye tune kya kiya

Is this pic real?

Ikea got a grand welcome from Hyderabad.

Even CYBERABAD TRAFFIC had to reply on this.

The Store

A sprawling 400,000 square foot store where more than 1000 items are displayed, has kept its Indian audience well in mind, and priced few items even below 200Rs. Also keeping the Ikea’s traditional ways, the store offers a dining space which will serve some of their signature dishes and some localized. They are offering Hyderabadi biryani at 99Rs, Chicken Meat Balls at 149Rs only.



Apart from their signature line of furniture, the Ikea store in India is also offering kitchen utensils, soft toys, and other smaller range items. Hence people have more than one reason to rejoice in Ikea’s presence in India.


Marketing Strategy

Knowing the Indian market well, and understanding their needs, Ikea launched its marketing campaign ‘Make Everyday Brighter’ touching the emotional chord with the customers. The ad shows families, and how and what exciting things they can do around their house. The idea is to make Ikea feel like a brand that’s part of their family and has affordable solutions for everyone. They have very clearly targeted the campaign at the middle class so that they don’t perceive Ikea as an all expensive brand beyond their reach.


In the words of Ulf Smedberg, Country Marketing Manager, IKEA India, “We are so excited to launch our IKEA Brand in India. Our ambition has all the time been to inspire, surprise and engage our future customers. Everything we do comes from our belief to create a better everyday life and from market insights, and this is expressed in our positioning direction ‘Make Everyday Brighter’. We think that together with our creative partner, Dentsu Impact, we have created a strong communication that will be liked and hopefully loved by everyone in India. It’s about how IKEA helps people in embracing change for a brighter tomorrow by providing affordable solutions for your home, no matter of your living situation or size of your wallet. For us it is important that all we do should be relevant yet aspirational and connects India and IKEA in a fun, distinct yet very unique way.”

Soumitra Karnik, Chief Creative Officer, Dentsu Impact speaking about the creative concept, added, “The IKEA launch campaign is truly reflective of what IKEA is as a brand – simple, relatable and insightful. The campaign is based on the core thought of how our life at home can become brighter when we look at our homes differently. It’s not just the big things, but even every day that IKEA can help brighten through its various solutions. What you’ll see is something that is truly Indian as well as truly IKEA – a campaign that is real, it’s about all of us and our lives, and one that will leave viewers with a nice, happy feeling.”

Also as part of their marketing strategy, apart from this ad, Ikea has kept the pricing of the products in a very nominal range and within the reach of common man. India has always been known to a country where price point plays a big role in the success of a brand, especially with masses.

Have you watched the spot yet? Here it is

Well, now its left for other cities to wait for this Swedish furniture giant to open its doors in other places too. Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, we know everyone is waiting!

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