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Iconic Nokia 3310 Completes 20 Years & Twitter Explodes With Nostalgia

| Published on September 8, 2020

The smartphone industry has evolved so much in the last decade. There are brands the have the biggest screen or the slimmest body or have the best battery life, all competing with each other. But when it comes to durability or in other terms the strongest phone ever made, we can all unanimously agree that it is none other than Nokia 3310.

The ones who have used the ‘unbreakable phone’ will have no doubt of it and the ones who haven’t had definitely heard of the infamous handset by Nokia. The phone is so legendary that even though it is out of production, the coming generations will know about its strength thanks to the internet.

The phone is again making headlines when someone on Twitter reminded us all that the legend has turned 20 on 1 September this year. It was Vala Afshar, Cheif Digital Evangelist, Salesforce, who tweeted about Nokia 3310 launch anniversary. Vala also mentioned that the phone sold 126 million units worldwide and has become one of Nokia’s most ‘iconic devices ‘.

The post has since gained 1800 likes and more than 600 people have tweeted about this sharing their memories with Nokia 3310. People shared pictures of their handsets and felt nostalgic on its 20th anniversary.

One Twitter user said that she is still using the phone and that was just unbelievable.

And it seems she is not alone. The device is well and living with many other users as well.

Someone even shared how their kids reacted to the ancient device.

While others just wanted to join in and just appreciate the legend.

So did you ever had the privilege to own a Nokia 3310? Do tell us what’s the best memory you share with one of the greatest handsets ever made.


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