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The Most Iconic Indian Ads Featuring Animals

| Published on December 2, 2018

When it came to print ads, a lot of animals have been featured in various ads, especially when it came to showing something macho and masculine, horses became a hot favorite and elephants were used in showcasing strength. With changing times, animals also found a place in video ads but yes not all leave such a big impact that more than anything else one remembers the animal. Here are the most iconic Indian ads featuring animals, which made these animals popular like anything


Vodafone Pug

Well, when it comes to animal ads, this one tops the list. This dog became a rage amongst people and pug became the most bought dog during those times. The prices of pug soared high in the market and owning a pug became like a status symbol. Vodafone’s association with this dog is remembered even know and it almost became synonym with the brand.


Lijjat’s Bunny

Although an animated animal character, this one was hugely popular and even know people remember how exactly the bunny said “Lijjat Papad”. Loved by people of all age groups, this character too had developed a strong connection both with the brand and the audience. The advertisement came out at a time when animation was unheard of in Indian Advertising. This puppet by Ramdas Padhye has been the face of Lijjat for ages and this desi avatar of Bugs Bunny is a timeless classic.

Harbhajan-Lion Pepsi Ad

One funny commercial featuring the Indian team, this Pepsi ad was loved by many. The ad showcases the team practicing amidst a jungle and during the drinks break they see a lion sitting next to the Pepsi. Somehow Ganguly and Rahul Dravid bring the Pepsi case back just when Harbhajan drops a ball on Lion’s head.

Halls Polar Bear

A relatively new ad, here a cuddly huge polar bear is seen hugging, cuddling and throwing snowballs at the actors. The ad became very popular for its background music, which went something like ‘Sharinnnngaaaaaa’



Which one makes for your favorite amongst these?

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