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The Iconic Ads Of PepsiCo That Made It A Global Hit

| Published on January 17, 2019

PepsiCo, Inc. is American multinational food, snack, and beverage corporation and the second largest food and beverage business in the world based on net revenue.

Let’s take a look at the ads that left its imprints in our hearts’ of this giant beverage corporation, PepsiCo:

The Iconic Ads Of PepsiCo That Made It A Global Hit

  1. Back To School

A vivid tale of the beautiful, carefree schooldays that will leave you both happy and sad at the same time. The class pranks, tiffin wars, and tearful farewells, all narrated in one nostalgic story.

  1. Change The Game

One of the most popular advertising campaigns from Pepsi, Change The Game videos were extremely popular with audiences and featured M.S. Dhoni, Sri Lankan T. Dilshan, Harbhajan Singh, and Kevin Pietersen.

  1. Ghar Wali Diwali

This tearjerker from Pepsi made every single Indian long for home, and for their parents. Ghar Wali Diwali captured the relationship between parents and their grown-up children extremely well.

  1. @ThatPepsiIntern

Featuring Ranbir Kapoor, Pepsi’s That IPL Intern gave 13 Interns an exclusive IPL experience. More than 10000 Internship applications were received and the campaign was a significant win in the brand’s advertising report card.

  1. Crash The Pepsi IPL

One of Pepsi’s triumphs, Crash The Pepsi IPL mobilized the Indian Cricket fans to come up with creative Pepsi ads, the best of which would be aired during the IPL. The campaign was one of the biggest crowdsourcing campaigns, Crash The Pepsi IPL attracted creativity from around the nation.

  1. Liter of Light

Pepsi can end strikes, help you make friends, and a lot of other things, but by working together with the Liter Of Light Foundation, the brand illuminated several lives, quite literally.

  1. Pepsi Thi Pi Gaya

Although nothing as disastrous, controversial or the many things that the Kendall Jenner version evoked, the Indian version (so to say) Pepsi Thi Pi Gaya, was a self-aware take by the brand which had a certain ‘hee hee’ effect on viewers.

  1. Pepsi Mini-Series

Showcasing the chronicles of Mr. Can, the Pepsi Mini-Series taught the viewers six different lessons such as Honesty, Loyalty with extremely well-made videos. This one was a curiosity creator.

  1. Pep Talk

Over the years, Pepsi began to focus on the Indian youth and Cricket, and many of their campaigns were pivoted around the two. #PepTalk gave enthusiastic Cricket fans, a chance to get their favorite players to perform well on the field.

  1. #LiveItAbhi / #OhYesAbhi

Pepsi continued their cricket and impulsive youth based advertisement campaigns with #LiveItAbhi and #OhYesAbhi. Choice of brand ambassadors Ranbir Kapoor and Virat Kohli helped the brand connect with millions of young Indian cricket fans.

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