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ICC Avoids Using MRF Logo On Kohli’s Bat In Tweet, MRF Fixed It Perfectly

| Published on June 5, 2019

Cricketers and Bollywood celebrities are considered as life icons in India. Their popularity has made them earn big money with brand endorsements as brands know the impact they can create in promoting a product. Companies displaying their logos on bats of cricketers is a great way of promotion.


MRF is one brand that comes to our mind which has used this type of promotion with best results. The company has been associating Indian cricketers from long and Sachin Tendulkar certainly made them more famous than ever. A lot of people still remember the name of this brand because Sachin used it.

Virat Kohli is not only finishing Tendulkar’s shoes by breaking cricket records but he also promotes MRF by putting their logo on his bats while playing.

The cricket fever is at its peak with World cup and every brand is trying to make the most of it. To attract Indian crowd before the match with South Africa, ICC posted a tweet showing Kohli as a king. One interesting about this image that ICC posted is MRF logo was missing from Kohli’s bat as ICC didn’t want to give any sort of free promotion to the brand.

MRF quickly noticed this and wrote Something’s not right. There seems to be something missing in this in reply to ICC’s tweet:

Soon, MRF fixed the image putting their logo on Kohli’s bat.

Users online praised the presence of mind of MRF’s social media team.





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