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Hyderabad To Become India’s First Airport Offering Express Check In With Face Recognition

| Published on September 17, 2018

After the first IKEA store opening in Hyderabad, there is another good news for the people of Hyderabad. For passengers flying out from Hyderabad, soon there would be no need of a boarding pass, your facial recognition at the security gate will act as your boarding pass. This trial is starting soon at the Hyderabad airport and will be extended to other airports by the end of the year.

How it will work

The passenger will have to do a one-time registration at the entry gate, wherein the cameras will scan the face. From there on, the person will not require to show a boarding pass for his journey onward. The cameras and the connected system will keep the records for future use also. The next time the person travels from Hyderabad, no identity card would require to be shown at the entrance and no boarding pass for the security checks. These hi-end cameras will do the job and identify the person as a genuine traveler and given proceedings.


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The technology has been developed by a global giant and test runs have already begun with staff entries. Once GHIAL( GMR Hyderabad International Airport Limited) obtains necessary clearances from regulatory authorities.

Brand Speak

“Facial recognition is an extension to the existing modular E-Boarding framework developed in-house and needs little additional infrastructure and process changes. In the coming days, we will be rolling out a pilot project to enable completely paperless travel through our airport, using the biometric identification of a passenger to replace both the ticket as well as the boarding card,” the spokesperson from GMR Hyderabad said.

“As the boarding pass will also be integrated into a system, it will automatically verify the information with the Airline Departure Control System(DCS) and map the passenger’s face to ticket upon successful verification”, he added

Are you excited for a paperless express check-in?

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