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2 minutes read

Husband Uses 8 Billboads To Declare His Love For His Wife

| Published on September 29, 2019

Hoardings & Billboards have always been a tool of marketing for various brands. They have always been a key tool since the beginning. But not just brands, it seems billboards have been used for various non-professional purposes.

People have been using billboards for some quirky reasons. Recently, Josh Wilson, a resident of Oklahoma,  purchased space on eight billboards around Tulsa, originally using them to advertise for his water irrigation business. When the signs weren’t doing the trick, he decided to re-purpose the billboards as a display of his affection for his wife of five years.

The billboards read “Amy I love you more.” Wilson’s company logo is visible in the corner, to ensure the right Amy knew where the message came from.

According to ABC News, Josh said he decided to tell the world and his wife how much I loved her. He said that realizes how much she tolerates him and how she supported him to build his little company. This is the best way he could tell her that he truly loves her.

Josh also said, “I wasn’t in any trouble. Every guy who has called me thought for sure I was in the dog house and in trouble, and I just for sure simply wanted to tell my wife that I loved her.”

Now that the word is out, Wilson said they are changing the signs to a picture of the couple’s dogs.

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