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Humour Marketing: SpiceJet Pilot Adds Spice On Flight With His Quirky Commentary

| Published on January 12, 2019

SpiceJet, the low-cost airline, is the fourth largest airline in the country by the number of domestic passengers carried.

The airline operates 312 daily flights to 55 destinations, including 47 Indian and 7 international destinations from its hubs at Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Hyderabad. And here we have two incidents from two of the 312 flights from SpiceJet.

SpiceJet adds Spice to the Instructions

People don’t usually pay attention to the comments because of the same monotonous instructions that they follow in every flight. But, recently the Pilot on SpiceJet flight that was flying from Kolkata to Bangalore on 10th January decided to break the boring routine with his wisely humorous comments.

What happened on 6th January?

As SpiceJet enters in 2019, it receives negative reviews from the passengers as SpiceJet’s Boeing 737 Max plane from Hong Kong suffered a mid-air engine problem on 6th January.

The series of Quirky Comments by the Pilot

But just after two days, SpiceJet regains its name and position of being the best when the passengers traveling via SpiceJet’s evening flight SG-658 got to enjoy a great flight as their pilot decided to entertain all with puns and sassy one-liners and cracking jokes. The day will be remembered by all the passengers of the plane for they emanated their happiness with flooding tweets about the whole incident.

Spice Jet pilot gives two gems during the Kolkata-Bangalore flight.

Spicejet is running a “pilot” for paid onboard humour.

Wish there were more pilots like him.

Give him a raise

The series of comments and retweets by the users clearly defined how his comments have won hearts of the passengers and how they are looking forward to traveling with SpiceJet to have a good laugh on his great sense of humour.

After this incident, other airlines should start incorporating these ideas of the pilot being able to entertain the passengers through their commentary. Rather, pilots recruited should have skills to make sure that their passengers do not get bored throughout their journey.

This can be a way of marketing the airlines as hospitality being one of the most looked after thing in it. Until then, let us hope that we get the same pilot when we take a SpiceJet plane next time.

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