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Huawei Gets Caught Faking Smartphones Selfies With A DSLR In Misleading Ad

| Published on August 25, 2018

Smartphone cameras are getting better every day and companies have even started to replace them for the purpose that DSLR used to serve some years ago. But sometimes, there is no substitute for a DSLR.

It seems that Huawei was trying to attract smartphone buyers with its camera quality but it has created problems for the company as it has been caught in faking its latest ad with misleading content.

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It has been revealed that in the Nova 3 smartphone advertisement, the company allowed the ad creators to use a DSLR camera and showcased that front camera of the same phone has been used. The images from behind-the-scenes exposed this. Take a look at the ad first:

It can be seen that a couple takes a selfie together to show off how Huawei’s AI and camera tech make it so that the woman doesn’t need to put on makeup. But a now-deleted Instagram post by the actress shows that instead of a selfie from the Nova 3, the shot came from a DSLR.


Now let’s check out one of those selfies again, which to us, looks better than the rest of the video. The whole thing was discovered by a Reddit user, who captured the Instagram post before the actress removed it. And as you know, internet never forgets anything which gets published once, and this image has gone viral now.


Huawei has no where written that Nova 3i can take pictures similar to the ones in the ad. But, this can harm the image of the brand to a big extent.

The faster companies stop using such marketing tricks the better it is for them because when these backfire, the trouble can make them loose loyal customers. This misleading ad has over 4 million views on YouTube.

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