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Huawei Enters The Speaker Market To Challenge Google, Apple

| Published on September 1, 2018

Chinese technology giant further strengthened its position in the segment, by launching its first ever speaker that also doubles up as an internet router.


Key Features

It seems like Huawei is all set to challenge its competitors like Apple and Google with this speaker that features Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. Despite the fact that the speaker looks very similar to Google’s home product in the same category, but the biggest differentiator is the inbuilt 4G internet router, which will enable people to use it as a WiFi hub too.
As of now because Huawei doesn’t have its own voice assistant, using Amazon’s Alexa helps its users get access to all inbuilt apps that Alexa already has along with multiple languages too.

Huawei Using Alexa

Huawei currently does not have its own voice assistant technology. Using Alexa allows it to have a readily available voice assistant in several languages including German and English.
Despite using Alexa, this device is in direct competition with Google Home, Apple’s Homepod and Amazon’s own Echo devices.

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Huawei has not revealed anything about the price of the speaker and neither the launch markets. Its speculated to be made available in Europe first, towards the end of the year.

Huawei has already established itself in the top category as far as the mobile phone market is concerned. In fact, it had recently moved up its place to become the second largest mobile phone brand and moved Apple down. Now let us see if this strategy of pairing a voice assistant and mobile router work for Huawei and up notch its place in this segment also.


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