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HP’s Print Befikar- Why This Latest Campaign Is Smart & Effective?

| Published on July 23, 2018

More than children, it’s parents who keep worrying about homework and projects being finished on time. Nowadays, school projects demand creativity & for making their kids’ work stand out, parents need to be really cautious about each and every thing.

Now, when we talk of creativity, one thing that we can’t escape is “High costs”. School projects mainly involve high-quality prints & at times, it turns out to be an additional burden on parents. However, worry not as HP is back again with a smart solution!

For all those parents who believe in jugaad!

In order to save printing costs, parents find all kinds of jugaads! Well, famous printing solutions company HP has a brilliant answer to all such printing woes. If you are a working professional who are sneaking prints for kids’ homework from your workplace, then it’s time to change your mind and get home HP’s Ink Tank printer.
Why face embarrassing situations in office for free prints when you can conveniently get quality ones in the comfort of your home and that too at just 10p? Yeah, you heard it right! HP’s InkTank printer lets you take one print at just 10p, thereby driving all your expense worries away.

HP has launched a new commercial & it focuses on how parents Daisy & Rustom are worried about taking prints for their child Golu. The ad shows Rustom secretly trying to get prints from office (Since they are free) and taking all possible troubles for that.

It is his office people who make him realize that prints can now be taken at just 10p!

Why HP’s Print Befikar campaign is effective?

This #Print Befikar campaign is planned and formulated really well. The main target of this campaign is working professionals who are too cost-conscious with regards to printing needs. Let’s take a look as to why this campaign is effective;

1. Highlights common problems

Many working parents face this problem of getting prints for children & often, they resort to the same tactics as Rustom. The flow of the ad is very casual and it connects well.

2. Key message delivered aptly

It delivers the key message of “Cost advantage” brilliantly. The “10p” factor is repeated several times in the ad and it is enough to convince prospective buyers. With the tagline “Kitna bachaya sirf 10 paisa?”, HP focuses on how Rustom is taking so many troubles but in return is just saving 10 paisa. Wouldn’t it be better to get the printer & spent 10p?

3. Sheds light on quality as well

As we mentioned above, the ad is very simple & subtle, but still, it not only highlights the cost factor but also the convenience and quality factor.

4. Roped in a renowned face

HP has roped in Kiku Sharda in this ad, which is further a marketing plus! Since he enjoys a huge fan following, it’s surely going to be beneficial from the sales aspect.

5. Brand image created perfectly

After seeing the ad, we can get figure out just one thing about the brand i.e. “Money saving printers”; HP has effectively created this image in our minds, thanks to the smart ad.

We must say that HP has done immense research & after thoroughly studying the needs of customers, it keeps coming up with wonderful and convenient solutions.
So, are you all set to print befikar?

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