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How Yashas Alur Quit His Job & Made A Turnover Of Rs 3.5 Crore In 2019

| Published on January 17, 2020

How many times have you struggled to carry multiple bags to college or work? How many times have you wondered why a lady carries 3 bags whereas men can settle with one?

Well, the answer lies in how an industry works. Carrying lunch, tech items, and personal items in a single ladies’ bag has always been next to impossible while the same cannot be said for a male backpack or side bag. However, it is always claimed that woman needs more space and hence the requirement of different bags, but then again, everyone has their own commitments and needs.

This is a problem that Yashas Alur smartly understood and decided to unravel first. Not only did his idea took to make lives easier for women but also..

The idea that changed an entire industry

Yashas Alur was already a co-founder of a men’s formal clothing company called Buttons ‘n’ Threads. He decided to find out if he could create a full-fledged woman bag that could carry everything in one place while he was working in a digital agency named Dentsu Webchutney.

His conversation with artists and designers combined with his work experience allowed him to get two designs of office women handbags made from imported Chinese leather from Delhi.

The bags were of two sizes, smartly designed to store laptops, notebooks, keys, cards, bottles, and other small items in various allotted compartments and pockets. Moreover, the two sizes of 13″ and 15″ allowed almost all common laptops to fit in.

What kickstarted the idea?

Well, along with Alur’s efforts and knowledge, his boss at Dentsu Webchutney decided to be an investor and gave him 8 lakh rupees to launch the brand now famously known as ‘Everpret’.

When the brand launched in January 2018, Yashas was clever to do market research and then price his product. The pricing was premium and higher than market competitors but it was worth the money and usage. Women will buy Everpret because they want to have a product that can last long, give high utility and is stylish to carry around as well.

How was the road to success?

As a start-up, Everpret battled its own set of lows. It saw high costs, issues in supply chain and inconsistency in the performance of the Delhi vendor who imported the leather for the brand. Even though Yashas was the mind behind the design, the maker of the product wasn’t able to keep up with both, quality and quantity standards.

Yashas Alur

Hence, Yashas decided to invest better and remove any middlemen along the way. He signed a deal with Chinese manufacturers, sorted out his inventory and started meeting demands.

Moreover, he understood the value of outsourcing non-core activities as a business entity and allowed various Logistics companies to handle delivery on behalf of the brand.

Hardwork always pays off!

It is because of these tactics, methodology, and ideas that Everpret has made Rs. 3.5 crore turnover in the last year, dominating sales in metro cities. Considering how the brand mostly functions online, it is a big achievement indeed, with a lot of opportunities to seize in the new future.

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