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How Would You Sell A Glass Of Water? MM Audience Gives Witty Answers

| Published on March 17, 2020

We asked our followers on Instagram a simple question – How would you sell as glass of water? The topic sparked an interesting conversation and the replies are worth seeing. We are thankful for such an engaging user base for letting this happen, time and again.

How Did Our Followers React?

Interestingly, the responses to our question were funny, witty and provided the much needed entertainment during a time when the world is going through a crisis. Some of our top picks are as follows:

  • @cr7_sidk says, Stand at the marathon finish line. This response garnered 13 comments and the rest of our followers were surely amused.

  • @digitalrashad gave an intuitive response with a perfect selling strategy saying, I will colour whole glass with a light shade, then add some decorative material at the bottom of the glass then add a colour sand or clay in between of the glass at the last on the top I will add some colour thermacol ball and some other decorative material and cover it with Plaster of Paris. Lastly Tie a knot of colourful band around the glass. Now the Glass Worth is 3000+ but I will brand the cup and sell the same cup at 5000+ each. So How’s my Idea of selling 😇🙃, do you like this idea? 🤷🏻‍♂️🤑💥 His comment gained 4 likes.
  • A lot of our viewers took the angle of approaching a thirsty target audience who would be interested in buying water since they would have no other choice. Many followers also suggested going with the healing strategy of water to fight coronavirus! Think that is crazy?

  • @rajasekharstrikes had a whole another incentive attached to it as he says, Glass is free, if you buy water.

Just for laughs, some of our other interesting comments include the following.

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