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How Truecaller Associated With ‘Dream Girl’ To Highlight Importance Of ‘Taking the Right Calls’

| Published on September 14, 2019

With the advancement of technology and growth of the smartphone market, number of fake calls has increased tremendously. Thanks to apps like Truecaller that help users identify fake calls saving them from getting into big troubles.

With an aim to highlight the importance of answering only the right calls and avoiding the fakes ones, Trucaller has launched a campaign in collaboration with Balaji Motion Pictures’ latest movie Dream Girl starring Ayushmann Khurrana.

As a part of this campaign, a series of short videos has been shared by Truecaller to spread the message all across social media. The videos feature actor Ayushmann Khurrana showcasing the fact that people often face the problem of fake calls and how platforms like Truecaller help by determining the ‘True Identity’ of the callers.

The association of Truecaller with Dream Girl is perfect considering the role Ayushmann is playing in the movie. He can be seen as fooling people by mimicking the voice of a girl on phonecalls. To expand the reach, Truecaller even launched contests like a Trivia game on social media.

This is an innovative move by Truecaller to reach out to audiences as the message is being delivered in an entertaining way. Such strategies make a deep impact on viewers and they recall the brand easily.

Truecaller has been providing a range of unique services such as dialer that offers caller ID, spam detection and many more that save unaware people from fake calls and financial scams. Truecaller just crossed 150 million daily active users and is one of a handful of apps to cross 500 million downloads. With a mission of raising awareness about fake calls and making communication safe, the campaign completely resonates with the brand’s ideology.

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