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How Using Quora Can Help Market Your Startup For Free

| Published on September 27, 2017

Quora is a very famous question-and-answer website which can be used as a great tool for marketing of startups without costing any bucks. The site has already attracted high-level executives, journalists, industry insiders, and entrepreneurs, all eager to answer a vast array of questions for free. Quora can help to connect with a particular audience which can give any startup some clients.

How Using Quora Can Help Market Your Startup For Free

Let us read some points on how you can use Quora to market your startup for maximum advantage-:

1. Create a professional Quora profile

Whether you have already created a profile on Quora or you are going to make one, always try to make your profile professional. Make sure you have written about your industry and expertise precisely as this is a way people will come to know more about you and your work. If you have a blog don’t hesitate to give a link in the description of your profile.

2. Answer questions

Quora is not just a place to promote your business shamelessly you have to help the readers too with your suggestions in the answers. This helps in gaining some audience which will follow you. Write answers which are easy to understand and always aim to write longer and more detailed answers. Use paragraph breaks, bullet points, numbered lists, bold or italics highlights, adding relevant images or a video is a plus too.

3. Start a blog on Quora

Quora gives the option to write a blog. This blog can be related to the industry of the startup one has started, this blog can add a lot of value to the readers and also can attract them to try the service of the startup by reading the articles related to the solutions they are seeking for.

4. Connect with experts and influencers of your industry

One can find many influencing personalities of every industry on Quora. They can help you in providing the pros and cons of that particular industry. So go on ask them questions on anything you are confused about, discuss ideas with them and who knows you can end up in getting so much good advice.

5. Connect with press reporters for free PR

Generally, the press reports love to write about the new startups and get reviews of people on it, so you can request them to write about your startup to have some media attention.

6. Building brand awareness

Quora can help in creating brand awareness for the small to medium startups by providing easy communication. The more you question, answer and comment about your industry better brand awareness you will create. Quora also easily connects with Facebook and Twitter which can help you in Networking purposes.

7. Customer support

Customer support is the key to any successful business so in order to know the problems of your customers, you can provide them support on proper answers on their questions which can satisfy them.

To sum up, we can say that Quora is an amazing tool for the startups to market their business if they follow the tips given above resulting in the conversion of the precious time and money in a productive and profitable way.

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