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How To Maintain Car Brakes: Top 5 Tips To Keep Them In Good Condition

| Published on April 2, 2021

From drum brake to autonomous braking systems, brakes are one of the essential auto parts required for the functionality and safety of the people inside the car. A driver faces many unexpected issues starting from potholes, signals to unruly vehicle owners, and sudden speed breakers. With regular and rough use of the brake pedals, it might begin to slow down the wheels of your vehicle gradually.

Brake pedals can stop functioning properly due to regular depression of brakes, resulting in brake pads against the disc brakes. This process gradually slows down the vehicle and only works well after servicing is done.

As a car owner, anyone would like their car brakes to last long. To maintain your car brakes, you will need certain automotive suggestions to help your car drum brakes remain alive for a longer time. If the brake pedals persist in working properly after following the suggestions, you should consult Boodmo, the largest online Indian automobile spare part seller.

Tips to Take Care of Your Car Brakes

Do Not Overload Your Car

If your vehicle is loaded with a lot of luggage, the brakes will have to work harder to function. If you think about it deeply, overloading your car can majorly decrease your car brake’s life in the long run.

It will be easier for your brakes, tires, and tank to function when your vehicle is lightweight. Try to take out all the items that are not-needed to decrease the load to avoid early poor brake-functioning.

Use Single Foot

While coming down a long steep mountain or hill, drivers find it tempting hastily to step on the brakes. Pressing on the brake pedal and gas pedal simultaneously can make your car speed ahead on the road with bright brake lights. You should avoid this situation at all costs, and as a driver, you need to be very mindful.

Those people who drive their car every day run the risk of putting continuous pressure on the brake pedals as they drive. In automobile terms, it is generally called brake riding. To drive like this, putting pressure on both the brakes and accelerator simultaneously can be harmful. So, it is wise and good for safety reasons to use your right foot for accelerating or braking separately.

Flush Brake Fluid Regularly

Automotive experts recommend flushing or replacing your brakes at a regular interval. The fluids near the brake attract water which reduces good braking performance. As the brakes attract water, the moisture can lead to corrosion of the brakes, which might result in a flawed braking system.

Flushing your brakes regularly will improve your car brakes’ performance and ultimately make your rides safe.

Slow Down

Coasting is a process where you take off your feet from the gas pedal to slow down to decelerate naturally before applying the brakes. This process can help you with the maintenance of the brakes of your vehicle. Although, coasting is not suitable for all types of roads. On the highways and heavy-traffic areas, coasting might not be an option for you. It is because the roads are always flooded with thousands of vehicles, and there might be no space for you to coast.

● Drive According to the Traffic Rules

If you drive as per the given road speed limits, you will be able to keep the car brakes well-maintained. Braking constantly at high speeds can cause significant wear and tear to your brakes over time. Driving at recommended speed limits can also help you comply with traffic rules, keeping both you and your car brake safe. It also saves repair costs because mindfully using your car can help you last for a long time without maintenance.

Increase The Gap

When driving in heavy traffic, you need to be alert and keep a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. You can only maintain this by driving slowly on crowded roads to avoid pressing the car brakes suddenly. Maintaining a slow velocity will also allow you to try coasting on heavy traffic areas as it will widen the gap between your car and the vehicle in front of you.


The way a car-owner manages and drives their car constitutes how long the car brakes will last. Only one driver can maintain certain rules, which will help the car to go without maintenance for a longer time.

Car brakes are an essential safety part of a vehicle. If the car brakes are in poor condition, you should immediately get a mechanic or service center to help you with it. Driving with broken car parts is more dangerous than you think. Boodmo can be a great option when you are looking for brakes and other car spare parts during maintenance as the products are cost-effective and reliable.

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