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How This Woman Made Rs 3.6 Crores By Selling Rs Health Snacks

| Published on June 8, 2020

Japna Rishi Kaushik has made a prominent in the food industry in a very short time. Japna started ‘Hungry Foal‘ which is all about healthy tailor-made food products. Let us find out exactly how the brand came to be.

About Japna & Hungry Foal

Japna Rishi Kaushik did her master’s in food technology from Punjabi University in Patiala and has an extensive career working with renowned FMCG companies. She has worked with companies like Britannia, Nestle, and Coca Cola in various departments and her last job was with a flavored syrups company ‘Ibizza’. There is she worked in the R&D department.

In 2016, Japna Rishi Kaushik along with her husband Vivek Kaushik founded Hungry Foal with an aim to make nutritious, tasty, and affordable by everyone. The idea to start a nutritious food startup came to Kaushik when in 2016 she learned about the critical state of malnutrition among children in India.

This woman entrepreneur sells nutritious snacks for Rs 5-10 a ...

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While launching the startup, Japna said,

We are pleased to welcome Hungry Foal’s family to industry leaders and domain experts. While we need to work to make Hungry Foal a household name in India, awareness of the significance of proteins, nutrients, etc. is definitely growing in the general population. Healthy snacks, however, are priced in such a manner that they stay completely out of reach for the masses – That’s where Hungry Foal comes in.

The duo started the company in Gurugram in a small room and priced their products from Rs 5 To Rs 10 per item. Their initial distribution model was simpler direct selling but later on, they contacted local distributors and wholesalers in order to expand their reach.

Hungry Foal

Financial Growth

Recently, in a Pre Series-A round, led by Singapore-based Madison Capital, Hungry Foal, has raised an undisclosed amount of funding.

Rajesh Sawhney, Innerchef’s Co-founder, who also participated in the round had said, “The Hungry Foal team has a high mission to make nutrition accessible and affordable for everyone. I feel their USP is their unique focus on the tier 2-3 cities of Bharat.”

Over the years the brand has expanded considerably. Japna has shared that the company has gone from earning annual revenue of nearly Rs 2.14 lakh in the beginning to now clocking approximately Rs. 3.6 crores.

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