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How This Woman Lost Rs.63,900 In Online Fraud Is A Lesson To All Of Us

| Published on January 23, 2020

As much as the digital world proves to be comforting our lives, it comes with some disadvantages too. The online payment mechanism is not only easy to operate but saves a lot of time.

We have been encountering a lot of online payment fraudsters nowadays and another situation has arisen yet again. How many e-mails are there in your account claiming big winning money prizes? How many fake calls do we get in a day when we are shamelessly asked for our card details?

online fraud

Woman Caught In Online Fraud; Lost Rs.63,900!

A woman who works at an IT sector in Bengaluru got robbed of a huge amount of money just because she clicked on a link sent by the caller.

The victim wanted to send a courier to her husband living in Canada. She tried to search a courier service online and unfortunately found these frauds that called themselves FedEx Couriers.

While interacting with them, they asked the lady to click on some links in order to follow the chief guidelines. In a few minutes, she was directed to her Google Pay App and Rs.63,900 got deducted from her bank account in a total of six transactions.

Prevent Yourself From Online Fraud!

First of all, stop trusting random people over calls and e-mails! Till the time you are not sure it is trusted, do not take any action.

Refrain from sharing your OPT, CVV, ATM Card Details, Expiry Date with ANYONE. There are no officials that are permitted to ask such sensitive information in the first place.

Try and avoid spam calls. Installing Truecaller on the phone will help identify the fake calls. If there are any confusions regarding the payment or the company, ensure about the same before clicking on random clicks and paying for services.

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