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How This Woman earned Lakhs Just By Jumping Ropes

| Published on April 29, 2022

“Where there is a will, there is always a way”, truly said. This woman earns lakhs just by jumping ropes after quitting her job. Weird, isn’t it? We have seen and come across many career options but this one seems totally out of the box.

This 30-year-old woman from St. Albans named Lauren Flyman has stood out with her unique way of earning money where she has been skipping with a rope for keeping herself fit and healthy which has surprisingly turned out to be a way out for her to earn handsome amount of money as well. Infact, she states that skipping on social media has proven to be useful for her along with providing ‘financial freedom’ to live a better life.

According to reports, her previous job which she apparently quit- required her to frequently meet customers and the lockdown was indeed a barrier for her work.
Source: The Sun
The lockdown wasn’t easy for her professionally since it hindered the pace of her full-time job, eventually she decided to quit it and began going after her hobbies like DIY making, weight-lifting. But after a point of time, she got bored with these as well, after which she decided to join an online network of skippers which led her to create an Instagram account solely dedicated to her jump ropes routine daily. This also brought various brands to collaborate with her thereby helping her make a good amount of money for her living. Currently she has around 1 million followers on Instagram that too within such a short span of time.

Lauren is indeed an inspiration for many and ignites a hope for the people that nothing is really impossible. There is always a way out to difficult situations and solution for everything.

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