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How This Woman Built Apparel Startup Having Rs 15 Lakh Turnover Using WhatsApp

| Published on May 15, 2020

How convenient are baby carriers? Entrepreneur Nikita Jain started her initiative after the birth of her first baby when she realised how important the carriers were for mothers wit young toddlers who had to travel from one place to another. She launched her startup ‘Klingaru‘, in Indore, after witnessing a demand for baby carriers in the market.

How Did Klingaru Begin?

A number of people in India are unaware of the concept. It is ergonomic and Nikita introduced it to her friends and family through WhatsApp groups as the demand in the market increased. Initially, she had launched a babywearing marketplace when her first child was born in 2016 which further culminated into launching Klingaru.


Nikita’s journey started with manufacturing buckle based carriers. Gradually, she included Indian prints into kurtas and Kurtis and now she has products for little boys and girls which include these carriers, clothes, accessories and everything related to babies. What a cute world to live in!

What is Klingaru’s USP?

The main USP of the Indore based startup is that it is homemade and ergonomic. This makes the products affordable for all sections of society in India. “Today, kurtas are the fastest-selling product range for Klingaru,” says Nikita.

The company also specialises in making custom clothing sets for twin boys and girls. Ever since its fabric production in the last few years, Klingaru is now all set to reuse and recycle their fabric waste.

How Did WhatsApp Influence Klingaru’s Business?

Klingaru has its own dedicated website. Although half of the sales come from there itself, 30% of it comes from WhatsApp and 20% from referrals. Initially, the feedback was taken from Nikita’s WhatsApp contacts about concerns faced by new parents and answering those concerns by suggesting baby carriers. Since most people like personal recommendations before buying a product, the WhatsApp conversions helped in bringing sales.

WhatsApp for Business also has some new features where customers can track when the office hours are open and expect replies to their queries accordingly. Nikita is a working mom for two now, who sets her working hours according to her convenience and runs her business smoothly.

Having an annual turnover of Rs 15 lakh, Klingaru aims to grow internationally.

Moreover, through WhatsApp, the company is able to take custom orders with ease. A number of parents want designs made according to something they like on the Internet, or want to explore their options. WhatsApp makes it easier to raise the brand’s credibility. We wish Klingaru all the best for its future ventures!

Source: YourStory

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