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How This startup Went From An App To Disrupting $285 Billion Management Consulting Industry

| Published on April 3, 2020

By delving into the world of innovation consulting, a relatively new field, Swiss company Strategyzer which was founded by Alex Osterwalder and Alan Smith supports some of the top firms in the world including GE, Microsoft and 3M.

As its inception began from humble roots in 2011, the company utilised their services by creating a fairly simple IPad application. It began as an experiment after understanding that building a business model on the gadget is rather difficult. “We started with something very simple, which was an iPad app to bring our tools just to the digital world,” Osterwalder said. “Our idea was always to use the iPad app as an experiment because it’s very hard to build a business on an iPad app.”

Once revenue started generating, the funds were used by the founders to build web apps, and provide other services. Their model was compared to Netflix by Osterwalder, as he recognised how the video streaming empire rose to fame by using the idea of DVD rentals. “They built a feasible business model before getting to a breakthrough business model, so we’re doing the same thing,” Osterwalder said. “We always wanted to say we don’t want to be another consulting firm or another training firm, just like everybody else. The world has enough of those.”

What Does Strategyzer Do?

The company tries to provide business training models with high-end technology through onsite training and workshops. “We’re now clearly seeing the market is maturing,” Osterwalder said. “Now we work with big clients like Bayer where we actually do coaching and consulting for them, but technology-enabled.”

“Basically we’re trying to build the SAP for strategy, meaning that business leaders and teams will design strategy and innovation,” he said. “Like computer-aided design for architects, they will do the same for strategy innovation.” While they are still experimenting to generate immediate revenues, they believe that they should be upscaling promptly once operations become smoother.

Strategyzer minimises the risks that surround a brand new business idea. By pushing through more evidence to substantiate a query or an argument, the company tries to resolve conflicts to derive more success.

We’re excited to know what the company has in stores once it becomes bigger than now, and how!

Source: Business Insider

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