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How This 16 Year-Old Boy Turned His Rs 13000 To Rs 55 Lakhs Using YouTube

| Published on June 20, 2019

Fascinating! Isn’t it? Making money grow about 420 times isn’t any joke. And of course, this is not about a penny or two. This is a real game of investing we are talking about. This boy made 420 times of his money in just one year, just by learning from YouTube.

Want to hear something more fascinating? He is not even a graduate, he is just 16 years old.

Who is this Wonder Boy?

Edward Ricketts is a 16-year-old, school-going student, who could have been any other person of his age. But this chap has some serious skills, which makes him different. He resides in East London and works a part-time job, to earn some pocket money.

He worked a summer job for a couple of months and happened to save some money, about 150 pounds, which in Indian Rupee is worth Rs. 13500 approx.

Not an ordinary 16-year-old –

He could have easily spent his savings on some game console or on some fancy clothes, but he did not. Even, he did not consider it putting it in a bank. The thought process and the intent to not keep the money ideal makes him different. His decision was to play the currency exchange market.

The Dedication and Passion to Learn, Invest & Earn

Ricketts had very little knowledge about the Forex market, which was not sufficient for the play he was going to make. So, he decided to watch tutorial videos on YouTube about the Forex market. To pick up the trade, he even used to watch those tutorial videos for five hours a day.

He himself being a business studies student, learned how to make a profit by buying and selling currencies, when they are slumping and rising in value respectively. He succeeded and made his investment grow more than 422 times of itself, from Rs. 13500 to Rs. 55.24 Lakh, approximately.

How did he reach there?

Ricketts also happened to seek some advice from a Forex trader, he found on Instagram, who may have told him he could never make it without formal training. This brought the driving force in him, to prove the trader wrong.
Another thigh which Ricketts says was of great help was Brexit. He used to follow the news regarding the UK and the EU constantly, which helped him predict how each currency would fall or rise.

The Success that followed

You would be flabbergasted to know, he is so successful that he can buy a Mercedes Benz A-class, and still have plenty left over to burn. Ricketts has about 100 clients, who are willing to pay him more than the amount he originally invested, and get tips.

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