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How This Guy Increased Customer Acquisition Rate By 12 Times With A Simple Trick

| Published on March 30, 2019

A lot of us think that it takes something out of the box to succeed in marketing but we tend to forget that the audience we are targeting never likes something too complex. Also while thinking too much about creativity a lot of marketers ignore the most important thing; Customer Acquisition rate of the campaign.

Always do remember that a simple idea can help you reach a larger audience than something that is very difficult or age specific/ geography specific.

To give you an example that can help you understand these lines, today we are sharing a campaign that was planned and implemented by Prahllad Mittal and his team. Let’s read how he increased customer acquisition rate 12 times with a simple trick. He shares this information on and we contacted him to cover this on our platform. Have a look:

Prahllad Mittal

We encounter hell a lot of Pamphlet on a daily basis. Some we get through Newspaper, some put it outside our Home or Office, some handover us at Malls or all other crowded places.

But the question is do we really read or focus on all those advertisements?
Brands are spending a lot of money on Offline Marketing but that’s all going in vain. I have seen people throwing away pamphlet before taking the newspaper.

We also tried doing the same for our Startup HOMVERY, where we provide Home Maintenance Services like Electrician, Plumber, Laundry, Appliances Repair etc in Odisha.

The Old Traditional Way

Initially, we also went ahead with the traditional way and distributed pamphlet through Newspaper. And the response we got was just a mere of 0.5% i.e., 2 leads on the distribution of 1000 pamphlet.

This is our Pamphlet which we distributed through Newspaper.


Now suppose you are going out for Office or returning back from somewhere and you see a 100 rupee note laying in front of your door. What will you do?

Obviously, you will pick it up.

Customer Acquisition rate

No this is not 100 rupee note, it’s our Pamphlet
But what happens after picking it up will amaze you…

We know that many people will get upset and will be wrathful towards us after seeing that they have got pamphlet instead of 100 rupee note but many will be surprised and happy to see this. And even if people will be angry, at least they will be reading the pamphlet which will increase our Brand Awareness like anything.

Watch the Video for complete Pamphlet Design

Whole Pamphlet Design

The Response we got…

In the old Traditional way, the response rate was 0.5% i.e., 2 leads on the distribution of 1000 pamphlet.

But with this new design, the response rate increase by 12 times (Yes, by 12 times) i.e., 6 leads on the distribution of just 100 pamphlets.

While distributing pamphlet through newspaper it was easy to distribute 1000s of pamphlet per day. But as we were distributing this new pamphlet by ourselves (Prahllad Mittal & Rajat Kar) after completing all the work at the office (i.e., from 9 PM to 11 PM), so we could distribute only around 100 pamphlets per day. Even though we were distributing much less than before but we are getting much more leads than before.

Customer Acquisition

This is our new pamphlet
We don’t have any picture of us executing the campaign as I never thought of writing this. But the response we got, forced me to share this with you people.

Measuring Customer Acquisition Rate

While distributing through Newspaper even if you will tell the newspaper distributor to put your pamphlet in the newspaper of one particular area, they will put it randomly.

But as we are targeting one particular Colony or Area per day, so it is getting easier for us to measure the response rate.

Some more Innovative Campaign we are planning to execute soon and will be sharing once that is done.

If you found this interesting and want to know more about our Startup (Homvery) and coming up innovative campaigns? You can contact them via their FACEBOOK PAGE.

We hope you found the campaign details and our story insightful.

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