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How These Billionaires Started They Career & How They Looked In Their Prime

| Published on July 6, 2021

The number of billionaires has increased tremendously over the years. From various fields, people have been emerging successful with an inspirational story of their own.

Their humble beginnings give hope to budding entrepreneurs that they can make big in the world too. Here are some of the names of billionaires and how they started their successful journey.

Indra Nooyi

Indra Nooyi is the former chairperson and chief executive officer of PepsiCo. In 2017, she was ranked the 2nd most powerful woman once more on the Forbes list of The 19 Most Powerful Women in Business. Nooyi started a career in India as a product manager at Johnson & Johnson and then worked at the textile firm Mettur Beardsell.

Dilip Shanghvi

Dilip Shanghvi is the founder of Sun Pharmaceuticals. In 2016, Shanfhvi was awarded the civilian honor of the Padma Shri by the Indian Government.

Kalpana Saroj

Kalpana Saroj is the Chairperson of Kamani Tubes in Mumbai. At a very early age, Kalpana started working in a garment factory to support her family.

Tim Cook

Tim Cook has been the CEO of Apple Inc. since 2011. Cook worked for 12 years in IBM’s personal computer business and ultimately became the director of North American fulfillment. It was in 1998, that Cook joined Apple after the persuasion of Steve Jobs.

Reed Hastings

Reed Hastings s the co-founder, chairman, and co-chief executive officer of Netflix. His first job was at Adaptive Technology, where he created a tool for debugging software.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk is the founder, CEO, and Chief Engineer at SpaceX and CEO, and Product Architect of Tesla Inc. Musk learned computer programming using a manual and, by age 12, sold the code of a BASIC-based video game he created called Blastar to PC and Office Technology magazine for approximately $500.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates co-founded Microsoft along with his friend Paul Allen. Gates was only 13 years old when he enrolled in the private Lakeside prep school, where he wrote his first software program.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is a renowned American fashion designer and billionaire businessman. His fashion brand, Ralph Lauren is a global multibillion-dollar enterprise. At 28 years old, Lauren worked for the tie manufacturer Beau Brummell, where he convinced the company’s president to let him start his own line.


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