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How Testbook Is Emerging As India’s Largest Government Exams Preparation Platform

| Published on February 29, 2020

The combination of digital media and education has a huge potential to make learning easier. In the last few years, EdTech startups have transformed the way learning is presented and students from all across the country are getting quality education from experts. Today, students don’t have to sit in a physical classroom to gain knowledge as all this is now possible using smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Among so many options in the market, there are very few trusted names for exam preparation and Testbook stands out because of its quality content and powerful analysis of student’s performance.. TestBook is helping aspirants by developing practice test series and online learning courses for post K-12 students to prepare, take mock tests and analyze their performance from time-to-time.

The journey

Founded in 2014 by IIT graduates Ashutosh Kumar, Narendra Agarwal, Manoj Munna, and Arpit Oswal, Testbook entered the market with the launch of GATE Mock Test Series. By the end of 2014, it catered to 4 crucial Government exams. The start of 2015 marked with the introduction of Machine Learning to generate unmatched Test Analysis for the students.
Another highlight of 2015 was the launch of the Testbook Android App. Slowly the company kept on broadening its scope by adding more and more exams. Today, Testbook helps students to crack 100+ exams ranging from SSC, Banking, Railways, Teaching, Insurance, Defence, Engineering to other state exams.

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What makes TestBook special?

Launched with a vision to offer quality study material at the “most affordable” cost, the Testbook has reached the remotest villages/towns of India due to the availability of all the courses in both English and Hindi. The platform gives option to download videos and watch them offline anytime users want to.


While numbers are not the only way to showcase the success of such startups but Testbook has done exceptionally well with over 1 crore users. Around 2.5 lakh users visit the Testbook website every day and ranked 39 on Alexa with millions of app installations with a rating of 4.6 on Google Play Store. The platform has transformed the lives of people by giving them quality education to crack exams giving them the right direction to live life.

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