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How Technology & Artificial Intelligence Are Changing The Game Of Beauty Industry  

| Published on September 5, 2020

Author: Shweta Jhawar

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the way we think, work, and interact with data and technology. Not only is the technology and AI changing the game of the beauty industry, but also is disrupting all other kinds of industries. Be it start-ups or MNCs, investments in AI have been increasing exceedingly to bring innovative and life-changing products for the consumers. This great integration between technology and beauty has transmuted the way people do their skincare and makeup.

Looking for products that suit one’s skin type is a stumbling block for every consumer— finding products that work for their skin type and how their unique lifestyle impacts their skin and hair problems. The entire not-one-size-fits-all theory applies to beauty products as well.

However, with the collaboration technology and beauty, the ability to develop custom products that fir every individual’s needs, that deliver significant results in a short span has changed the game. The new frontier of skincare and cosmetics has also introduced measures that help in improving the overall consumer experience along with devices that can give salon-like results at home without costing a fortune.

1.  Improved customer experience with Chatbots

While people are always on the go, no one likes to wait for their queries to be resolved. The more you make them wait, the higher are the chances of them switching to another alternative. Chatbots are one of the best introductions in the shopping industry made by AI. It enables the companies to have a faster settlement of queries and build a good relationship with the customers. Brands like Sephora, Estee Lauder, Nykaa etc also encourage the customers to ask the chatbots for product recommendations, beauty advice, and other order queries.

Brands and big MNCs are investing in chatbot technologies for smooth customer experience. From people-to-people conversations to people-to-bots is where the industry is going now.

2.  Product personalisation

The increasing trend of getting a personalized haircare or skincare product has made the generic regular products so yesteryear. After all, it is an ideal scenario for consumers as they now have the authority over what goes in the product they are using, along with what it is supposed to do for them. Today’s consumers believe in sustainable living along with choosing the kind of products that work exclusively for them.

Thanks to the foundation of AI that enables consumers to incorporate clean, science-backed beauty in their lifestyle. Some brands now allow the consumers to pick the products, ingredients, packaging material and the price point to curate their very own perfect product mix.  To enable customized beauty care, machines are now programmed to take specifics such as geographic location, hair type, hair length, skin colour, lifestyle etc to offer precisely what the consumer might be looking for.

Some of the big names in this industry is – Freewill. Freewill is India’s no.1 rated personalized regimen for Indian hair. Taking the customers profile such as their hair length, problems, lifestyle, past treatments are done etc through an online hair assessment, they curate a kit which includes shampoo, conditioner and hair serum. The products are manufactured with clean, natural ingredients without using any harmful chemicals or toxins.

3. Smart Hair Brushes

A hairbrush suggesting hair tips- something that probably people would have never thought back in the day. AI has remoulded the way people take care of their hair. A smart hairbrush is an internet-connected device that examines users’ hair condition. Sensors present on the hairbrush count determine whether the hair is dry or wet, and study it while brushing. These smart brushes can tell whether the hair is soft, brittle, scalp issues etc and even recommends the kind off products they can use.

L’Oreal’sKerastase Hair Coach is the world’s first smart hairbrush. Launched in 2017, this innovative hairbrush is a revolution in the beauty industry. The product consists of a microphone to measure frizziness, dryness, split ends and breakage. It also comes with 3-axis load cells, accelerometer, conductivity sensors and gyroscope. It measures the quality of the hair and recommends the products that would suit the condition of the hair the best.

4. Smart Mirror

“Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?”

Well, it’s safe to say AI took this saying to the next level. A smart mirror now only allows you to scan your face and tells you what’s wrong, but also looks but examines any severe potential problem. It notices wrinkles, red spots, acne, pores and fine lines. The mirror comes with an LED light, skin analyzer and video streaming. It tracks the improvement of your skin over some time by saving images.

HiMirror is an innovative voice-controlled beauty assistant in the form of a mirror. It comes with a built-in camera that gives daily skin analysis, goals and results along with beauty advice. It also recommends the user some products to resolve their skin issues. The augmented reality feature allows the users to virtually try out different makeup looks.

5. Advanced smart face mask

Instead of using face masks for 20-30 minutes, an advanced smart face mask is a greater alternative for people who are on the go. This device allows you to insert your favourite sheet mask into the device and pair it with an app-controlled treatment routine which helps to boost the effect and ensures glowing skin.

All it takes is one press to activate the kind of treatment you want according to the sheet mask you’re using. Glide the device gently on your face and massage in circular motions until the device turns off by itself indicating the end of your treatment.

Foreo UFO combines LED light therapy, cryotherapy and thermotherapy to give you a flawless glass-skin look. And within only 90 seconds!

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