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How Tech Companies Are Uniting To Stop Coronavirus Misinformation

| Published on March 9, 2020

The world is feeling scary and is struggling with the outbreak of Coronavirus. The worst thing is that in this age of internet misinformation about Coronavirus is spreading way faster than the disease itself.

To cope up with this, world’s most popular Technology companies are trying their best to make sure that online content doesn’t lead to the spread of any misinformation around Coronavirus. Noth Apple and Android App stores are carefully verifying apps that are made around the keywords of coronavirus.


A recent report by CNBC confirms how Apple team is delisting any app around COVID-19 Coronavirus that has not been developed by recognized institutions like governments or hospitals.

On Wednesday, Apple updated its policy with a new clause 5.1.1.ix, which mentions that apps in “highly-regulated” fields like healthcare, financial services, or air travel need to be submitted by a “legal entity that provides the services, and not by an individual developer.”

Similarly, a clause by Google for Google Play Store stops apps to “capitalize on a natural disaster” or “atrocity” or appears to “profit from a tragic event with no discernible benefit to the victims.” This is helping Google to limit the information sources for Coronavirus outbreak.

In addition to this, Facebook is working to remove content that presents conspiracy theories around the outbreak and might induce panic and fear among Facebook users. CEO Mark Zuckerberg even posted that Facebook will be working to make sure that “everyone can access credible and accurate information.”

Google has banned ads around anti-Coronavirus products and has come up with a special module that presents the information directly from the World Health Organization (WHO) at the top of its search results looking for terms related to Coronavirus.

Article source: IndiaTimes

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