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How SpiceJet Is Making The Most Of Jet Airways Shut Down

| Published on May 11, 2019

Indian Airlines industry is in a tricky time right now as the downfall of one of its leader- Jet Airways has opened the gates for other players who were also finding it difficult to stay alive.


SpiceJet is looking to make the most of this opportunity and is using Jetairways planes with some minimal changes like changes the cover of seats, interior because everything else can stay in jet blue color. Jet Airways logo on the tail has been masked replacing Jet Airways with Spicejet.

Due to such minimal changes, Spicejet is not only saving money but also a lot of crucial time to capture the market and maximize earnings. Spicejet has launched business class on domestic routes at affordable prices and is advertising more than it used to.

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The new service called SpiceBiz will be available on the Boeing 737s the low-cost carrier leased from Jet Airways. In starting days, Business class travelers will get the usual amenities such as gourmet meals and beverages, priority services, lounge access and higher baggage allowance – all this at 30-40% cheaper tickets. For those who don’t know, GoAir was the first domestic carrier to introduce Business class in October 2008.

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