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How Social Media Helped Create Buzz Around The Release Of OMG2

| Published on August 30, 2023

After a successful July, Bollywood released a string of movies that proved to be commercially successful in August, 2023- Gadar 2, Dream Girl 2, Akelli and Ghoomer. And one movie that was highly-anticipated was OMG 2, starring Pankaj Tripathi, Yami Gautam and Akshay Kumar in lead roles, that released on 11th August 2023.

How Social Media Helped Create Buzz Around The Release Of OMG2

The movie won critical acclaim, with writer-director Amit Rai presenting a provocative subject like sex education in an informative and educative manner. It managed to rake in over INR 85 crores in its first week of release.

The movie revolves around a dejected man who takes legal help after suffering a personal tragedy. In order to market the film that revolved around a contemporary issue, makers utilized contemporary marketing devices.

1. Teaser release

The cast posted creatives on social media, teasing the release date of the movie. The movie’s cast was introduced with a line or two about the kind of character each one plays.

The teaser was then launched on 11th July, a month before the movie’s release.

2. Leveraging music

The makers released songs like the melodious ‘Oonchi oonchi Wadi’ and the powerful ‘Har Har Mahadev’ from the movie to build buzz around the topic and release. Buzz regarding the songs’ release was created on social media.

3. Trailer Release

The movie trailer was released on 3rd August 2023.

4. Meme Power

The movie deals with an adult subject targeted at the youth. To drive buzz, makers used the power of memes to attract and spread word about the movie among the youth in their language.

Memes also broached the topic of sex education, introduced protagonists with relatable its content. They helped drive dialogue while keeping the audience engaged.

5. Visiting SadhGuru

Akshay Kumar visited the Isha Yoga Centre and interacted with Sadhguru, ahead of the film’s release. A friendly frisbee match ensued, with the Sadhguru praising the movie and the makers.


The makers used social media to its fullest potential. Memes, and using Gen-Z language in marketing the movie helped create the requires buzz ahead of the release.
In spite of releasing the movie with other big movies like Gadar 2 and Bhola Shankar, OMG2 managed to do good business and create quite a stir, becoming the fourth highest-grossing Bollywood film with adult certification.

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