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How SKORE Wants To Make Sure #SheComesFirst With OH! Gel

| Published on August 7, 2018

Various researches in past have revealed that around 66 percent of women in India do not experience orgasm. Considering the need to solve this problem, India’s leading condom brand SKORE has launched an orgasm gel named SKORE OH!

About Oh! gel

The “OH” pleasure gel is first of its kind women pleasure product in India making SKORE’s place stronger in the sexual wellness category. The product is mainly targeted at all Indian women who crave the intense sensation of an orgasm. For others who already get their fair share, a little more would surely not hurt.

It is a water-based pleasure gel made of a special formula that maximizes sensitivity during lovemaking and produces hot & cold tingling sensation meant to intensify the female climax. Being a water-based lubricant, OH gel is easy to wash off and safe to use with latex condoms as well. It solves several other female issues like vaginal dryness, reduced sensitivity and sexual dysfunction.

In a country where female orgasm is still considered a taboo, with this product, SKORE is trying to bring a change in Indian society. The condom brand has even launched a video where they asked some questions to young Indian men and women about female orgasm. The idea behind this video is to create awareness and make people talk about this topic without any hesitation. Also, the video clearly throws light on how there is definitely a need for this product in our lives today.

Oh! pleasure gels are available all across India both online and offline. Priced at around Rs. 500 for an 8ml bottle, each of this bottle will produce up to 15 OH! Experiences for women.

Oh! pleasure gel is a perfect addition to SKORE’s range of exciting and trendy products consisting of coloured, flavoured, dotted and climax delay condoms. The brand has expanded its portfolio with variants of Lubes and many other exciting products in pipeline. With such products, SKORE is helping Indians with the changing needs of the youth in the country.

India is seeing a shift in consumer mindset and the usage of sexual wellness products in our country is witnessing exponential growth. Being a customer-focused brand, SKORE is moving from a condom brand to a sexual wellness product giving importance to orgasm equality.

Modern couples are open to trying new things to get more pleasure but most products in our country are focused on males. This is what SKORE is trying to change with its #SheComesFirst campaign. With this campaign, the brand wants women to take charge of what they require for their own sexual wellness and become more open to purchase such products.

Getting curious to know more about SKORE OH! gel? You can check complete details and purchase it right here.

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