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How Rohit Chawla Got 10x Growth In Its Business In Just 9 Months

| Published on November 10, 2019

Genuine skincare and healthcare are the need of the hour considering the rising pollution levels in the environment and other endless factors that affect our health miserably. As important as it is, most of us have a hard time looking out for authentic products with considerable benefits. Rohit Chawla took this as an opportunity and kick-started a startup with a motive to provide quality products to the people of India. He runs the company ‘Bare Anatomy’ that deals with personalized hair products.

A bit about Rohit Chawla

Before engaging himself in entrepreneurship, he used to work in companies such as Deloitte, Accenture, and EY. After that he founded the company ‘iLabs Ventures Private Limited’ that was one of the only execution-focused incubators in India. He is also the founder and CEO of ‘The Man Company’ that deals with men grooming products. He co-founded the company Bare Anatomy in the year 2018.

Establishment of the brand

Rohit founded the company along with Sifat Khurana, the brand head and Vimal Bhola, in charge of the R&D department. The brand stands-out due to the reason that it provides personalized hair care products that are made with ‘best in the world’ ingredients.

Information for customers

For starters, the customer needs to take a small quiz which is related to their hair type and preferences. They can pick their objectives that they want to achieve, the color and fragrance of the product and may even choose to put their names on their products. Now, at Brand Anatomy, the scientists analyze the hair of each customer and then prepare a nutrient-rich product perfectly suitable for that individual.

Detailed manufacturing of the products

The company curates products that are vegan, natural and best suited to their customers. Rohit’s foresight made him build a lab first for their company where all the research and development could take place. They import the items from the places that they are famous for and offer a variety of shampoos, hair serums, masks, all starting from Rs.750.

Promotion of the brand and its sales

The company promotes its brand on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Many people who approach the site have serious hair problems and hence need personal care. This is one of the reasons that the company does not sell its items online. Another reason is since it provides personalized service to its consumers, they cannot indulge in mass production. They make fresh products.

Shortcomings in the business

Since they develop personalized products which is also the USP of the brand, it gets difficult to produce in quantities. As stated by Rohit Chawla, during Diwali as their sales increased, their system could not handle the sudden rush and crashed. So, they are focusing on building a system that can take more load and scaling up to soar through the challenges.

Future of the organization

Rohit Chawla confirmed that the company got a seed capital of $50000 from Sauce, and is focusing on advancing its technology and R&D. They are growing very fast as they attracted around 10000 customers in a very short time, so they will also focus on educating their customers for preferences for their hair products as that is equally important.

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