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How Politicians Are Making The Most Of OOH For Delhi Elections

| Published on January 3, 2020

The legislative assembly elections are scheduled to be held on February 2020 in Delhi and a total of 70 members are to be elected. To win the elections the political parties adopt various advertising measures such as social media campaigns, data analysis, advertisements, and rallies, out of home(OOH) advertising and everything under the tree.

With the growth in technology, it has seeded out all the traditional ways but well out of home advertising has been an exception. Out of home advertising or OOH advertising is a way of visual advertising which is basically everything promotional that you see out of your home, hence the name ‘Out of home’. It includes billboards, signs, advertisements on street furniture and areas like airports and stations.

Lately, OOH has been a major and important tool for the political parties to create an impression on their voters and to reach them in state elections. It has created a huge impact in very little time.

Measures adopted by BJP to win the Delhi Assembly Elections

Bharatiya Janata Party tops the list when it comes to campaigning themselves. It has invested huge funds in OOH campaigns for the assembly elections. It has also signed contracts with many agencies in order to implement the campaign better in different ways and in different places.

US advertising is handling a major part of the campaign which includes hoardings, wall wraps, and unipole signs. Wall wraps are being handled by mainly three agencies CashurDrive, Jagran Engage, and Glamour. An independent observation firm has been set up to promote the campaign across Delhi.

Expansion in the past years

The Indian OOH industry has expanded a lot in the past years. It has grown up by 8.8 percent in the year 2018-19 measuring the industry size to be Rs. 37.3 billion. The industry is expected to grow by 10 percent more before the Legislative Assembly elections 2020. A sum of 400 crores was spent on OOH advertising during the Lok Sabha elections and the state elections are expected investment of Rs 75-100 crores if parties decide to invest.

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