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How Online Classified Websites Like OLX, Quikr Make Money

| Published on April 21, 2019

Post by- Ishan Dua

Business Model

To apprehend how OLX and Quikr earns, allow us to first speak how those web sites work:

People who desire to sell their goods can add their commercial. People who want to buy items may also browse through the website and go through the listings.

Sellers need to add images of the product they want to sell with an outline of the same and expected sale rate. The customers are allowed to browse via numerous alternatives, contact the vendor, negotiate with them and then purchase the product. The unexpected fact is that OLX doesn’t charge anything from us. It acts as a trifling catalyst for connecting the purchaser and the vendor through categorised portal. Classified websites are the exceptional and unfastened way to promote a small enterprise or buy and sell old stuff and plenty of other things. Some of those websites are OLX and Quikr.

How do they make money?

AdSense/Google Ads: AdSense/Google Ads: Quikr, OLX and any other classified sited get huge site visitors flow each day and hundreds of thousands of particular site visitors each day. Displaying multiple ads on every web page offers a decent amount of money.


Sponsored Ads: Beside Adsense ads, categorised platforms sell their website area to diverse establishments to show their commercials or banners. The basic distinction between AdSense and Sponsored ads is that sponsored advertisements are controlled by those websites, sales are not shared with third events.


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Featured Ads: If sellers want their product more visible or reach out to greater viewers to sell it quicker, a top class ad is used for this purpose. These ads are published on pinnacle of the page and are highlighted in blue.  OLX charge Rs. 900/- and Rs. 2000/- for 30 days.

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