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How Nothing founder Carl Pie Is Building Trust For His Brand By Reviewing Smartphones

| Published on February 23, 2023

There are many brands in the world that started with a vision. The uniqueness of the creative quotient was seen with either the product they were selling or with the brand name they had opted for.

One brand name that has been in the tabloids for its unique name is ‘Nothing‘. Based in London, Nothing is the brand name of a technology company that was founded in 2021 by Carl Pei.

About Carl Pei & His Brand Idea

Carl Pei is also the co-founder of OnePlus. In 2020, Pei announced his resignation as he wanted to start a new venture of his own. It was in January 2021 that Pei founded Nothing and created a buzz all over the world. Major credit for this goes to Pie and his work in making OnePlus a huge success.

In 2021, the first product launched by the brand was the Nothing ear (1) true wireless headphones. In March 2022 the brand announced that it would release a smartphone, named the Nothing phone (1).

Pei On Nothing’s Creative Aspect

Carl Pei has always expressed how almost every smartphone company has been copying Apple’s interface. This has led to a similar-looking range of products. Pei expressed that with Nothing, he aims to make a timeless design for a smartphone that will surely stand apart from the rest.

While the front of the phone has more or less a similar feel to that of an iPhone or an Android, it’s the transparent back body of the smartphone that has caught all our attention.

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