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How Netflix Promoted Feels Like Ishq Through Influencer Marketing

| Published on August 7, 2021

Feels Like Ishq, an anthology that was released on Netflix last week has been promoted by Netflix in one of the most interesting influencer marketing campaigns. The anthology depicts various relationships of love that we all share with our loved ones through 6 beautiful stories.

It’s not very frequent that we see OTT platforms promoting their content through influencer marketing campaigns, however, this campaign celebrated the different forms of love and built curiosity amongst the audience through the love that these select influencers share with their dear ones.

The influencers shared a carousel post, the first one being an image that describes their relationship and the second one has a text card which describes their relationship. The template followed by these influencers has been the same across all of them, binding them as a promo activity for #FeelsLikeIshq although, the stories shared are of course very different.

The campaign has resulted in generating a large viewership and has reached out to people in a double-digit figure in lakhs. It’s not just ‘ishq’ which is universally deemed to be a romantic love that has been promoted but it’s the different forms of ‘ishq’ that everyone experiences in life that have been shared by these influencers, thus making it relatable to all.

Here are the posts that these famous influencers have shared under the #FeelsLikeIshq campaign.

The audience that all these influencers attract are young and are those who watch shows and movies on OTT platforms, which is why this campaign was an even more successful one. The messages are quite wholesome to read and describe the relationships they share in the aptest manner, making us think about our loved ones too. It not just serves the purpose of making us aware of the show but also makes us appreciate the ones we love dearly. The influencers are able to show their real sides which is a little personal but also more relatable to a viewer.

This campaign promotes more of such user-generated content and sends out a message on the universal theme of love, something which is experienced by all in vivid forms. The show has definitely garnered a lot of attention through this social media campaign and has set the tone for the kind of niche it establishes and the story around which it revolves.

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