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How Netflix Announced Comeback Of Its ‘YOU’ Series With Creative Ads

| Published on February 15, 2023

To advertise the comeback of one of its most popular series, Netflix has placed a big attraction in the city center of Manchester.

To promote the forthcoming fourth season of a popular series “You,” Netflix has invaded Manchester with a distinctive, grisly fairground ride and free cups of tea.

A free teacups ride that shuttles guests around Exchange Square have been set up by the international streaming service.

All of this is done to advertise the fourth season of the popular psychological thriller You, featuring Penn Badgeley as just the weird but charming Joe Goldberg.

Joe will be up to no good in the UK for the very first time, rather than the US, with a transfer to London suggested in the early teasers.

The gigantic installation may have been seen by Mancs while it was being built early on Wednesday.

A fairground-style teacup ride with a uniquely You twist is available through Thursday. The teacups were overflowing with fake blood.

A massive teapot is hanging above the ride, and its spout is flowing with viscous, dark crimson “blood.”

Anybody who boards the vehicle will have their photo taken and published as a polaroid without charge.

As part of the “Bloody good time” campaign, Netflix is also giving away free teabags and glasses of “dark red fruit tea”.

“You” – Season four

Netflix’s popular drama, which is based on Caroline Kepnes’ best-selling book of the same name, is back for a fourth season. When savvy bookshop director Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) meets a budding author, he utilizes the web and social media as his weapons to get to know her and get the most personal information.

A charming and uncomfortable attraction rapidly develops into an addiction as he stealthily and cunningly gets rid of everyone and everything that stands in his path. After the actions of season 3, Joe is currently living in London under the guise of Jonathan Moore, a professor at a local university.

On 9 February, Netflix will release the first episode of its fourth season, with part two following on 9 March.

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