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How Nestle Used Meme Marketing To Maximize The Reach Of Their latest Campaign

| Published on December 19, 2018

Social media managers and marketers are always looking or the best ways to get their brand heard. With the growth of the internet, the interest areas of the audience have changed immensely. Memes have become a part of online culture and they are an easy way to connect with youth.

The best thing about memes for brand promotions is that they convey the message in a funny and entertaining way and we all tend to share such stuff more than any other genre. Also, memes can be made in several forms- image, video, an entire website, or even a dedicated blog. The most popular meme form is a text written on an image.

NESCAFE, the ready-to-drink dairy-based beverage from Nestle India is known for using fresh and innovative ideas for the promotion. For their latest campaign, they associated with Bollywood diva Disha Patani who is very popular for her posts on social media. The video ad went viral and helped Nescafe to connect with the youngsters.

To maximize the reach, Nescafe partnered with RVCJ Media which is considered as the most popular media house in the country when it comes to making meme content. The campaign had multiple memes shared on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. To get an idea how well this campaign performed in terms of numbers, you can check the numbers below:

The numbers that matter

With a combined total of 30 posts, RVCJ helped Nescafe to get a reach of over 6.4 million having 5.64 lakh+ likes and more than 8000 comments.

Over 23000 likes and almost 3000 shares

Close to 50k likes on 2 Instagram posts

The campaign continued for the whole month of November and helped Nescafe to make their social media presence stronger than ever. Talking about their success, the best part of associating with media houses like RVCJ Media is the organic audience they provide. It is almost impossible for brands to achieve the same engagement without taking the support of professionals who are the best in this business.

Slowly but eventually brands are getting to know the importance of meme marketing and after seeing the recent results, we can confidently say that this strategy is here to stay.

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