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How Much YouTube Pays To Content Creators For 1 Million Views

| Published on September 28, 2019

Content Creators, Bloggers and Influencers can earn through Youtube by placing Ad’s within their videos through YouTube’s Partner Program. Google approves these ads and YouTuber’s get paid a certain amount based on the Length of the video, Viewer Demographic and other factors.


A You-Tuber even claimed that if the Length of their Video is over 10 Minutes then they are able to place more ads into the video thus generating more revenue from a single video.

While other YouTuber’s also claim that It’s a simple technique to place at least 4 Videos so that they can maximize their revenue from Google AdSense.


Not only do the earn through Ads but also through CPM that is the amount an advertiser pays to have its ads served against videos watched at least 1,000 times. No Creator has the same CPM, the CPM varies due to factors like How many viewers are interested in the content, Location of the viewers


Content is king of the viral kingdom. A good content always rule

Consider a viral video, which has got 5Lakh views in a single day. So, ideally 5 Lakh ads should have been displayed. But, it won’t happen. There might be some 1 Lakh or 1.5 Lakh times the ad might have displayed. This will be due to different factors. If a person has viewed some 20 videos and after that he had seen your video, ad won’t be displayed. And some websites will embed your video in their websites. For those, ads won’t be displayed.

For those 1-1.5 Lakh ads, people might have clicked on the ads only like some 20K to 30K times. So, you will be paid money from Youtube only for those 20K to 30K ad Clicks. And there will be pricing for cost per click for ads that is how much Youtube will pay for a single ad click. Some ads will have high pricing and you will get more money of somebody Clicks on those ads. Another important thing is that, the pricing will change based on the location. If people from USA or UK clicked on your ads, you will get more money than when people from India, Srilanka had clicked on ads.

Considering all these, you will get approximately 30 dollars to 40 dollars for 1 Lakh views on YouTube and its 0.3 dollars for 1K Views. So, earning money from Youtube is not that easy as people think. But if you create viral content with quality, you will get more money in the long run.

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