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How Much Money Do You Need To Be Called Rich In Top Countries

| Published on September 24, 2021

Being rich, when measured on a monetary scale can definitely be impounding. To be considered as a rich person in the top countries of the world, entails a certain standard of living and capitalisation on financial assets in your bucket which classify you as someone who is rich, however in multiple countries, the bar isn’t too high. Let us find out how much do you need to earn to be classified as someone who is rich!


Your annual pre-tax income needs be $219,931 to be considered in the 1% and $103,376 to be considered in the top 10%. The country has taken measures to stabilize it’s unemployment rate and has consistently been in one of the top countries with best minimum wages.


An upper tier economy, the unemployment rate in the country stands at 8.2% and in order to be considered in the top 1%, your annual pre-tax income must be $268,197. This country attracts a lot of potential owing and vests itself in being one of the most welcoming of foreign talent across the globe.

China Hangzhou skyscrapers, night landscape.


Although the country boasts of being one of the biggest economies in the world, China also has seen a varying trend when it comes to its fiscal health. In order to be in the rich category, one needs to make $121,168 annually, pre-tax to be in the 1% and $44,182 to be in the top 10%.


The country runs a free economy and has taken measures to reduce it’s unemployment rate. In order to be in the 1%, you must make $251,865 annually as pre-tax income and $92,016 to be in the top 10%.


The country which has a high government spending and high levels of debt has an unemployment rate of 5.8%. The country has always been set as a parameter in the minds of the people to be one which boasts of immense wealth. However, to be in the 1% of the country, your annual pre-tax income must be $506,752 and to be in the top 10%, you must be making $138,475.

To be in the uber rich category has it’s own hassles and the current times have proved to be quite imperative for the economies at large. With unemployment rates rising and consistently proving to be an issue, earning a good income has in itself become a major deal.

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