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How Much Loss Telecom Companies Are Facing Due To Internet Shutdown In India

| Published on December 25, 2019

As the Indian Government has been focussing so much on maintaining laws and orders, they shut down the internet in the areas where CAA (Citizen Amendment Act) Protests have been witnessed heftily. This had made the Indian Telecommunication Sector suffer as things got really complicated.

A daily loss of INR 1.5 Cr is being faced by each company registered with Cellular Operators Association of India, confirmed by the director-general, Rajan Mathews.
internet shutdown

What happens during shutdown?

Every time internet is being shut down, a huge delay in phone recharges is confronted by the telcos. This loss is so high because almost 90% people are prepaid customers.

Not just that, public is also facing consequences of internet shutdown. This time the internet has been stalled in some parts of the places which are: UP, Gujarat, MP, Karnataka, Meghalaya, Delhi, West Bengal, Assam, Tripura, and Arunachal Pradesh whereas some places faced the problem just for a couple of hours.

The Consequences

Not just the telcos and common people, online delivery businesses such as Ubereats, Zomato and Swiggy have lost around 25-30% of their profit. A reduction of 3-5% has also been encountered by e-commerce services.

People have been protesting and complaining about the country being led by Narendra Modi, constantly. Where is this going to go?

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