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How Much It Costs To Get Food From Akshay Kumar & Ranveer Singh Meal Delivery Service

| Published on February 22, 2020

We all know how much Fitness and looking good screen matters for modern age actors. The hard work behind getting such physiques can be seen sometimes when these celebs share their workout videos. Along with workout, Diet plays a vital role in shaping the body and for transforming bodies quickly based on a particular role, the requirements of a guide becomes a necessity.

After seeing some articles on popular magazines online, we came to know that the actors are eating right and balanced diet due to POD supply- a Mumbai-based food service that is currently enjoying a monopoly in Bollywood because of its results.

How POD Food Supply got popular?

Anmol Singhal, the co-owner of POD foods told GQ India that a couple of years back Hrithik Roshan decided to try their stuff and the service got popular after Hrithik tweeted about them. “He tweeted about us and then we started receiving a lot of enquiries. One of these came from Ranveer Singh. He’s been with us the longest amount of time now and we’ve been preparing and serving food through all the films you’ve seen him in and will see him in as well in the near future.”

Some popular names who enjoy POD’s services are- Ranveer Singh, Twinkle Khanna, Akshay Kumar, Sania Mirza and Sonali Bendre.

What they offer

POD currently offers 2 types of healthy eating services— Pod Supply Model, in which customers are provided with freshly packed meals throughout the day. The second is Chef on Board Model— in this, a chef travels with the customer and cooks meals for him/her on set, at home, or wherever they want.

The food is separately prepared for one person only and things like the client’s preferences, allergies and even intolerances are kept in mind for every meal.

The costing

According to the same article from GQ INDIA,

1. The Pod Supply Model, where the service sends packed meals costs Rs 80k – 1.2 lakh/month – depending on the number of meals.

2. The Chef on Board Model can range between 3 lakh – 4 lakh/month

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