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How Much Has Virat Kohli’s Brand Value Increased With India’s Recent Test Win

| Published on August 29, 2019

Recently, India has won against the West Indies by 318 runs in the first Test of two-match series. This win has added 5 stars to Virat Kohli‘s captaincy.

Virat Kohli has become the most successful Indian captain in overseas Test, along with Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

With India’s recent win Kohli’s brand value is certain to increase. Kohli is the first choice for brands when it comes to endorsements.

Virat‘s net worth is estimated to be around $25 million (Rs 174 crore). He endorses more than 20 premium brands, including Audi, Colgate, Google Duo, Wrogn, MRF, Myntra, Hero Moto Corp among others.

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It is also notable that Kohli is the only Indian on the Forbes highest-paid athlete list.

Tushaar Garg, Executive Vice President, Twenty-First Century Media Pvt. Ltd, said, “According to Forbes, Virat ranked 100 in the richest athlete’s list worldwide, after this win, his brand value will only move upwards and I would not be surprised if he breaks into the top 50.”

Virat is a born winner, he is the most marketable athlete this country has ever seen. Being the most successful batsman in the modern era, and now the most successful captain overseas will only add to his brand value and make him marketable to global brands”, Garg added.

“The value of a brand ambassador is the value of his fans numbers and intensity. The value of the fans depends on the performance of the player or athlete. Over time consistency is the key”, said Kiran Khalap, Co-Founder & Managing Director at Chlorophyll Brand & Communications Consultancy Private Limited.

Virat has been the topper in the list of brand endorsers over the last two years. With India’s recent win, Kohli’s brand value is bound to increase in the days to come it seems.

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