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How Much Do Delivery Boys In India Earn

| Published on July 22, 2019

In every 2-3months there’s a sale at Amazon, Flipkart, and other online shopping sites, where people can buy what they need anytime and from anywhere. These online websites are earning in huge amounts but what about the delivery boys that deliver our products or process the return procedure. How much do they earn?

To know what they earn, we need to know the hiring procedure of these companies, of their delivery boys.

3 Ways of hiring delivery boys

1. Companies like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. directly hire these delivery boys. In this way of hiring, the companies have to incur more expenditure, since they also have to provide their delivery boys with incentives to work. In spite of the high costs, companies still opt for this method, so that they don’t have to rely on others

2. These companies give their logistics and delivery to another company like TeamLease, Success Management, etc. Under this setting, the company doesn’t have to handle the delivery boys themselves and instead, they can get their work done comprehending to their needs

3. The companies hire the delivery boys on a part-time basis, where they have no job security but the delivery boys can work according to their convenience and they get paid on each product which they have delivered. This method is most used during the festive season when there are so many products to be delivered and they don’t have enough workforce to deliver the products on time to the customers.

What do they actually get?

Myntra, Jabong, etc. pay Rs.14 per delivery to their delivery boys. Whereas Flipkart, Amazon, etc. pay ₹18 for each delivery. If a delivery boy does over time then they are rewarded extra by Amazon, Flipkart, and similar others. They also provide their delivery boys with a lot more incentives like insurance, petrol, provident fund, etc in contrary to the small companies who can’t afford such incentives.

Generally, a delivery boy is expected to have his own bike and smartphone with a sound knowledge of local languages. Basic Maths and good presentation are also demanded in a number of ecommerce companies. Normally the delivery boys have an education until secondary or higher secondary and their salary varies from ₹10000-25000, which depends on the companies they are working in, their experience and their work duration.

Do they earn well?

In small companies, the fresher’s are given ₹7000-8000 of salary each month and very less amount of incentives. But, like every other job, if they work hard and achieve their targets on time then they have a better possibility for promotions in terms of salaries and recognition.

A waiter or a security guard at a small restaurant earns ₹7000-8000 a month whereas a delivery boy earns ₹8000-10000 a month.

Domino’s and Pizza Hut’s delivery boys earn ₹12000-₹18000 a month but their work is not limited to only delivery. They are also liable to do other works, like cleaning, helping in the preparation of food, etc.

Every day these delivery boys work for 10-12hours a day and deliver around 70-80 packets. During the festive season, they have to deliver around 100-120 packets a day which is rewarded by ₹10000-15000 extra payment.

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