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How Meme Pages On Facebook, Instagram Make Money

| Published on May 15, 2019

With the growth of the internet, consuming memes on social media feeds has become the favorite pastime of today’s generation. The best part about memes is that they can spread a message quicker than any other medium of content because people share them so much.

While memes started in the image format, now there are other forms of memes as well including gifs & video memes. Interestingly, with passage of time, meme-making has become more than just a hobby. Like, people are actually doing it as a full-time thing.

Now the question arises is that how do these meme pages on Facebook and Instagram make money because they put so much effort, they must be doing that for some benefits. Check out some sources using which meme pages make money

Google Adsense and Facebook instant article


What popular meme pages do is, they build websites to which they generate traffic from these pages. If you go with the algorithm of Facebook, it doesn’t prefer pages that only post links of their websites. So, these websites post an article after 2-3 meme posts. From website traffic, one easily earn from Google Adsense or can also apply for Facebook Instant Article service which pays well by showing banner ads in the articles.

Sponsored memes

If you follow meme pages, you must have seen them posting about movies or launch of a smartphone. Well, some of such posts are sponsored by the companies as memes are a good way to share information about a product or create hype before movie launch.


Some popular pages make their merchandise and sell on Facebook and Instagram. This is also one good way of branding plus making some handsome money.

Posting links of other websites

Now, those you don’t have their own websites, post links of other websites and charge them for doing so.

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