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How McDonald’s Shut Down In North India Has Contributed In Burger Singh’s Growth

| Published on May 29, 2019

Kabir Jeet Singh worked part-time in a burger shop while studying in the UK. After getting tired of the free burger that he got every day and he started experimenting with sauces and tried to add Indian flavors to the burgers. This gave rise to the idea of Burger Singh and he came back to India to turn his idea into reality. In 2014, he finally launched ‘Burger Singh’ and since then the brand has seen immense growth.

Burger Singh

After working on some delicious recipes, Kabir wanted to expand and reach out to maximum customers as he was confident about his product. He started with delivering burgers to the customers in Gurugram himself. At that time, McDonald’s was the only big food chain but that was too struggling with its delivery platform.

Because McD was not that quick to latch on the demand, Burger Singh attracted customers with its unique taste. Seeing this, Kabir raised Rs 1 crore in 2015 from friends and family to open three more outlets in Gurugram in a span of six months since inception.

At this point, Burger Singh was spread across Delhi-NCR with delivery delicious food with outlets in Greater Kailash, Connaught Place, and Dwarka namely.

By the end of 2017, Burger Singh raised more than Rs 8 crore and scaled up to 10 outlets and four franchises. In 2018, Kabir raised another round of funding and brought in two more investors to raise around Rs 20 crore.

How McDonald’s shut down helped him

The shut down of McD outlets in North India proved to be a blessing for Burger Singh. The food chain saw an increase in orders of around 36 percent at most of the outlets located close to the McDonald’s. Latching on to the opportunity, Burger Singh even launched a campaign – ‘While McDonald’s is away, we are here’.”

The company even hired a clown like promoter to give Burger Singh cards to people around McDonald’s which looked very similar to the McD’s clown. Burger Singh also did active social media campaigns including Instagram and Facebook targeting North Indians.

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Looking at the response, Kabir is hoping to open 75 outlets in North India. He is in the process of signing the deal of opening 18 outlets in the UK in a span of three years.

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