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How Malls Make You Spend More Money

| Published on April 26, 2022

A number of reasons prod us customers to visit shopping malls. Convenience of finding many things under one roof, the psychological satisfaction when one shops from a mall, a variety of options available for one particular product. Plus, a plethora of food and entertainment options for all ages. These are some crucial factors that tempt consumers to frequent malls and make purchases.

While malls want people to spend more and more, there are certain hacks they resort to, in order to entice customers to make more and frequent purchases. Let’s check a few of these psychological tricks that malls undertake.

1. Not having a clock and windows

Ever wondered how we lose track of time while shopping in a mall. It is often that we forget to look at watches and it is already dark outside. Malls generally don’t have wall clocks or watches installed, so that customers do not realize how much time has already been spent shopping and spending money.

2. A relaxing ambience

Slow music coupled with fragrant surroundings and lighting effects, that soothe our body and calm our minds are often the highlight of malls. People want to stay there a bit longer, thereby increasing the probability of spending more.

3. Stimulate Impulsive shopping

It happens with us more than often, that we end up buying things we didn’t mean to, or don’t intend to. Now malls are designed to do just that. The attractive billboard you find at the entrance, catches your attention and colorful design, clearance sections and sales signs, are all to encourage impulsive shopping.

4. Planned Disorientation

There is something called the ‘Gruen Transfer’. It is what happens to you when you come to a shopping mall with a purpose of buying certain things but end up getting enticed by the appealing products and other factors in the mall, which has you spending more money than you actually intended to spend.
Now, malls are purposely designed to arrange this distraction and baffle you, encouraging more spending.

5. Strategic placement of food court and games center

A lot of us visit shopping malls for the reason-food. A good number of restaurants and fast food outlets have made their rightful place in malls and this allows hosting parties and get togethers at malls too.

But most of these, if not all, are located at the top level of a mall. Ever wondered why? This is to make sure that before reaching your desired stop for food, you have seen a sizeable portion of the mall. This also drives sales, as customers may end up buying something, on being reminded by being displayed!

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