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How Jio Is Revolutionizing The Social Media Marketing Game

| Published on May 26, 2021

With moment marketing trends completely sweeping over social media when it comes to promoting organic content, this brand has done wonders to keep its audience wanting more of its topical content. Considering that the company itself operates in the internet space, it’s a given that they present themselves with a bang on their social media handles. In the midst of the crisis, brands shifted the focus from just selling and promoting their products to empathizing with their audience about the present situation and tried making it as engaging as possible.

Let us delve deeper into the social media strategy of the brand which has revolutionised the digital ecosystem in the country.

Lockdown Heroes Campaign

This campaign was an ode to all the engineers who were always there to keep the network going even in the midst of a pandemic. The detailed stories of the frontline workers making their way through adverse conditions aroused a sense of empathy and added a human touch to the brand’s representatives amongst its audience.

Jio Associates

This program allowed users to earn money through their platform by earning a commission on the recharge that they would make. The stories shared on their platform have helped reach out to a much greater audience and showed how the brand is trying to bridge the gap for people in such trying times.

Topical Content

Jio’s game has always been strong when it comes to moment marketing or doling out topical content and hopping on the trend. Moment marketing always tends to gain eyeballs and instantly makes it a hit with everyone looking out to watch new and witty content on their feed.

Indian Approach

Staying true to the humara India and #VocalForLocal culture which has developed over time, Jio also promotes the Indian heritage in their social media messaging. Be it wishing everybody on a festival to putting out content that is related to Indian themes and incorporating as much Bollywood, the brand has adopted a very wholesome Indian approach in its digital branding.

With various social media campaigns being carried out across multiple brands, it is very difficult for a brand to establish its presence in the mind of the target audience while also setting a firm distinction. In promoting its various brands, Jio has successfully been able to create a ripple in the social media marketing industry with its consumer engaging campaigns and trendy content. Every new post that goes live on the page is a treat to watch and we cannot get enough of them.

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