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How ISRO Helped #Chandrayaan2 Go VIral On Twitter

| Published on August 22, 2019

What’s trending on Twitter? It’s #Chandrayaan2 

If you are one of those active Twitter users you may as well have noticed #Chandrayaan2 trending for a major part of the day only recently when excited Indians took to the platform to celebrate this milestone achieved by the ISRO.  

ISRO played an essential part in building the buzz with it’s hand down creativity on social media platforms. To keep people engaged they regularly updated their social media channels with the latest news about the spacecraft-  #Chandrayaan2. 

While all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter were actively in use and regularly updated, it was Twitter that was reserved for the main action. 

Here’s what ISRO did to get us hooked to their Twitter account-

1.  Role Play By ISRO

ISRO in full creativity adapted the role of Chandrayaan 2 for social media post and spoke about it’s journey in the space.

2. #ISROmissions

ISRO has been putting up graphic creatives to inform people about their missions. Recently, a majority of the #ISROmissions has been around #Chandrayaan2. Here, they disseminate scientific information in easy language.

3. #MoonMission

Another hashtag at play to make people aware of the different facets of the mission is #MoonMission. The creatives, in English, are being put up as images or a cluster of some in a video format.

4. #MoonEssentials

To keep things interesting and engaging on Twitter ISRO has been running #MoonEssentials campaign, asking people to share what people would like to take to the moon. Several editions of this were done before the launch.

5. #CelestialShutterberg

On the occasion of World Photography Day  they asked people to share images of the moon. This helped them get to traction and engagement on their social media channels.

6. #ChildhoodMemories

Watching the moon drift along with the car has been a part of most people. Leveraging on and in an effort to find such stories, ISRO ran a campaign asking people to share their moon-featuring #ChildhoodMemories.

7. #MoonMania

#MoonMania was another hashtag being used by ISRO to share interesting moon facts with the netizens.

8. Video propulsion

In the posts put forth by ISRO, the number of videos are significant. They have roped in key people, highlighting the process behind the mission.

9. Documenting emotions

The most important aspect of #Chandrayaan2 is how a moment was created in the Twitterverse, fuelled by posts tweets of ISRO, various politicians, citizens, and officials. Emotions have been well-documented by them, digitally.

10. Detailed Text Updates

Some of the most important and essential updates that could not be shown visually were shared as text-only updates.

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